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Inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen: The Science Behind illuvinate

The illuvinate System is a new and innovative psoriasis treatment inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen, a clinically-proven regimen introduced over 100 years ago by a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic.

In addition to being effective, the Goeckerman Regimen is safe and low-risk compared to other treatment options like topical steroids and biologics.

Patient with psoriasis getting an occlusive wrap with coal tar during Goeckerman Therapy
Patient entering a UVB light chamber during Goeckerman Therapy

Evidence Supporting Goeckerman Regimen

Study of Modern Goeckerman Regimen1

  • Patients with psoriasis that are resistant to other therapies (like injections)
  • 100% of patients reached PASI 75 at 12 weeks of treatment

1Ref: Pubmed 16019624

Published Study with 300 Patients2

  • Average time to achieve 90% clearance in psoriasis was only 18 days
  • 90% of those patients were clear after 8 months
  • 73% remained clear after 1 year or more

2Ref: Pubmed 6886105

Clinical Outcomes: The illuvinate System for Psoriasis

The illuvinate System has been proven safe and effective in three clinical trials. Results of the third clinical trial were presented at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in March 2019 and are summarized below.


  • Patients treated with the illuvinate System experienced a 66% reduction in the Target Plaque Assessment (TPA) score at the end of the 6-week course of treatment.
  • Healing continued with patients experiencing a 70% reduction in TPA score at 14 weeks (8 weeks post treatment).
  • The illuvinate System was designed to provide durable remission, with some patients remaining clear 6 months post treatment.

Key Results

Reduction in Target Plaque Assessment Score1

Patients Who Achieved Full Clearance1

No significant adverse events were caused by the illuvinate System

*Treatment ends at 6 weeks

“The illuvinate System was inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen and I’ve been encouraged by the strong clinical data supporting its use in the home for plaque psoriasis. It is easy to use and convenient. It has the potential to help millions of people suffering from psoriasis.”

– Dr. Jeff Sugarman, MD PhD, Principal Investigator

Case Study: Georgios K.

1 Luma Therapeutics Internal Clinical Trial Report, TPR327 Rev A