Investment Opportunity

Luma Therapeutics, based in Millbrae, CA and founded in 2013, develops and manufactures an FDA-510k cleared, commercial-ready, home light therapy system platform technology called illuvinate™. The patent protected (3 issued US patents) system combines a LED Light + Hydrogel + App with a learning algorithm.  Our vision is to eradicate suffering caused by inflammatory skin disease, including our initial target of mild-to-moderate psoriasis, followed by atopic dermatitis (AD), vitiligo and pruritis. We are on the cusp of commercializing our recurring revenue product with a $2B US market potential.  Luma is seeking a $1.2 million Series A-1 financing to increase market traction from Q4 2019 through Q3 2020.

Highlights of the opportunity include:

  • Positioned to lead mild-to-moderate market segment – $2 billion U.S. market opportunity. $50 billion current annual U.S. spend on ineffective and dangerous therapies.
  • Mayo Clinic is a development partner and investor, with key opinion leader Dr. Alina Bridges.
  • Three clinical studies demonstrate significant plaque reduction with a fast-acting and durable response. The product has additional benefits of being non-Rx drug, simple to use in a home setting and affordable ($600 vs. $2,500 for topical Rx and $50,000 for biologics).
  • Established teledermatology platform – enables patients to receive an assessment, diagnosis and prescription online.
  • Experienced management team led by CEO and founder Evan Anderson (Maquet, Guidant, Stanford Biodesign, Spiracur) and Board; total of 70+ years of medical device and dermatology development and commercialization, with multiple $100M+ exits (e.g. Ulthera $600M sale to Merz).
  • By 2H’ 2020, after initial launch, potential to out-license / partner or raise Series B to launch into new markets (AD and vitiligo), ramp in U.S., launch ex-U.S. and run further post-market trials.
  • $40 million in 2023 revenue, global expansion with >60% gross margins and positive cash flow. Recurring revenue – 5+ years per patient.
  • $100M run rate in 2025, potential exit point (if not earlier).

If interested in learning more you can read the executive summary or pitch deck.

Please let us know if there is interest in an introductory teleconference or in person meeting in the next few weeks.

Best Regards,

Evan Anderson, CEO Luma Therapeutics