illuvinate is an innovative and modern twist on a very safe and effective treatment called the Goeckerman regimen, invented over 100 years ago by a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic.

Illuvinate enables your patients to perform therapy in 6 weeks in the comfort of their own homes. Customized to each lesion through your prescription that is fed into our patented algorithm and managed through a mobile phone app – delivering the appropriate dose on schedule for patients.

IIlluvinate offers therapy for inflammatory skin diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo, through an at-home treatment that can be completed in just 6 weeks.

illuvinate utilizes a complex mechanism of action to treat inflammatory skin diseases.

  1. The coal tar stops DNA synthesis in the patches of psoriasis and decreases the thickness of the top layer of skin.
  2. The occlusion decreases inflammation by restoring the skin’s ability to retain water. It also helps heal the psoriasis by increasing the local temperature and pH and may also help the coal tar penetrate the skin.
  3. The UVB light triggers the death of the activated immune system cells (T-cells) that cause excessive skin cell production and inflammation. This allows for extended clearance of the psoriasis.




Moisturizing Hydrogel

The Hydrogel helps to keep moisture in the skin while maximizing penetration by UVB light. Our Hydrogel is engineered to maximize comfort and wearability.

Narrowband UVB Light

Shining UVB light on psoriasis plaques can prevent over-active immune cells from releasing growth factors to the skin, which helps reduce the symptoms and appearance of psoriasis.

Mobile App Customization

Our Mobile App customizes the dosing of the light therapy based on the prescription written by your doctor. Because each person and treatment area is different, the Mobile App adjusts over time, depending on how you respond to treatment.

Inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen: The Science Behind illuvinate

The illuvinate system is a new and innovative psoriasis treatment inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen, a clinically-proven regimen introduced over 100 years ago by a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic.

In addition to being effective, the Goeckerman Regimen is safe and low-risk compared to other treatment options like topical steroids and biologics.

Patient with psoriasis getting an occlusive wrap with coal tar during Goeckerman Therapy
Patient entering a UVB light chamber during Goeckerman Therapy

For patients looking to treat up to 10% of their body surface area affected by psoriasis, and can treat up to four treatment areas during one 6-week course of treatment

No risk of skin thinning or other side effects that are common with topical steroids

No blood work or self-administered injections are required

Modern Twist on Proven Therapy

The Goeckerman Regimen is still in use today but can only be accessed via a small number of medical clinics worldwide. It requires hours of treatment at a dermatologist’s clinic multiple days a week.

The innovation of illuvinate empowers your patients by bringing the science behind the Goeckerman Regimen to their home. With illuvinate, patients are able to treat their psoriasis hands-free and automatically at their convenience over a 6-week period.

Offer illuvinate to your patients. Dermatologists can prescribe illuvinate for their patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis. Contact us to learn more about how illuvinate system can help you treat your patients.

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