Luma Therapeutics

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The Luma Therapeutics System

The Luma Therapeutics System is a breakthrough psoriasis treatment that uses a combination of modalities to treat the skin quickly and effectively.  Designed to be fast, simple and affordable, this system enables people to treat themselves at home.

The Luma Light System was inspired by the Goeckerman Regimen and I’ve been encouraged by the strong clinical data supporting its use in the home for plaque psoriasis. It is easy to use and convenient. It has the potential to help millions of people suffering from psoriasis.


I was amazed by how quickly the Luma Light System cleared my skin.  Even more exciting was how long my skin stayed clear after the treatment.  Because it takes just a few minutes a day in my home, this is a game changer for me!

Georgios K., California
Actual Patient

I’m a clinician who wants to learn more.

I’m a patient who wants to learn more.